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Text'em Updates was created back in 2006. We have been around for over 11 years providing reliable and quick text messaging services to our users.

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Service Warning! -- Please read

February 28th 2017 -- We had an issue with Verizon where our messages were not being sent. We have fixed this issue this morning, however you are still unable to send to Verizon users please contact us so we can look in further. Thank you!

We added RING TONES within your SETTINGS page. We will be adding more tones to the list and you can disable the tones altogether as well now.

We have removed the SECURITY CODE feature for all our text'em users! Once you're logged in you will notice you will no longer need to enter the SECURITY CODE. Let us know what you think!

The time stamp on your messages have been changed to the 12 hour format rather than military time.

We now provide Picture Messaging to a select group of carriers. You can send pictures to your friend/family's mobile devices from our site. Enjoy!